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What is server computer is all about.?

www.server-computer.com is a blog and support portal was started on November 5th 2018 by Ankam Ravi Kumar author of arkit.co.in. Started with the goal of providing easy to use HowTo's. out of the box tutorials for below mentioned streams.

Storage (DAS, NAS & SAN)

Posting tutorials/articles on NetApp, Dell-EMC, HP and Synology and more. Storage Installation, Implementation, Configuration and Troubleshooting Guides


Most of the times we post Opensource database related stuff Like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. We also include MSSQL Tutorial.


Networking like Installing and configuring Home Network devices and enterprise devices. Switching and routing tutorial.

Linux / Unix / Opensource

Opensource application installation and configuration step by step guides. Commands, Essentials, Operating systems, New releases and Certifications.

Cloud & Automation Tools

Trending technology updates/guides Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Ansible, Puppet and Chef.

Computer Hardware

All related to Computer hardware models, cost and purchasing guides.

Interview and career growth tips

Not only specified above. There are so many other tutorials and guides out of the box we provide for our loyal readers.

Reach Us for any questions

Reach Us for any questions and corrections in tutorials / guides. aravi@server-computer.com